To Die For Stool by AKMD Collection

AKMD Collection


This modern, buffed marble cylinder is adorned with a single hand-inlaid, semi-precious stone ornament, borrowed from the walls of the Taj Mahal. Marble is said to influence wisdom in decision making and an aide in mastery of thought and mediation. Ideally used then in small personal spaces; a dressing room, bathroom, as a window perch - or in the fitting rooms of a boutique. 

Dimensions: 13"D x 18" H



The US based company AKMD was founded in 2011 by designers Michael W. Dreeben, who lives in Chicago, and Ayush Kasliwal, who lives in Jaipur, India. “From a design and production standpoint, the business really tries to take advantage of our relative strengths,” says Dreeben, who first met Kasliwal in Jaipur while studying vernacular woodworking on a Fulbright scholarship. “It’s a matter of strategically marrying our best resources 

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