Le Nid by Michael Javidi

Michael Javidi Design


You’re swinging. Golden, hickory straps openly wrap, clasp together and twist above your head. You feel lightness. And sway. Sun and air move around you. Sheepskin beneath you. Nothing beneath that. And you swing. Your nest; a sculpture, a seed of calm, a gift. An exhale.

Hang it in front of a great view in the living room or bedroom - or give it its own room.

WellBuilt predicts that in 2022 “movement furniture” will steeply increase in popularity. That the calming, healing movement of swings and rocking chairs are a layer of self-care. And will be a gift that furniture buyers will give themselves.


Why this is WellBuilt:

Solid Hickory frame, sheepskin seat with stainless steel hardware. 

Dimensions:  39"W x 32"D x 72"H, 20" Bronze Hardware included (custom available).

*For indoor use, 200lbs weight limit.


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