About us

Well Built focuses on products and design using eco-responsible practices. Combining a passion for great aesthetics with LEED credentials, Well Built offers cause-related, good green products and design. Let us help you create a Well Built space.

Ann Blackwell, LEED AP and founder of Washington, DC-based Well Built, has long championed the integration of design, commerce and environmental stewardship. She is a visual and marketing strategist that believes that interiors can be profoundly designed; and from that created WellBuilt as a platform for innovative product and design ideas to share and shape a better world.

Ihsan Millikin has a love for beauty molded by a multi-cultural childhood and years of diverse living experiences in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She earned a degree in Oriental Languages from the Sorbonne and studied interiors at the Sydney School of Color and Design. Bringing with her years of experience in customer relations and design; Ihsan found in Well Built a perfect platform to bring her artistic vision and global perspective back to the local level.