Machine Shelving by Ayush Kasliwal

AKMD Collection


The machine leg is obviously industrial inspired and well-balanced with the wood table tops (or shelves) of graceful craftsmanship. Custom wood finishing is the centerfold here – with choices like bevel or rounded edge, joinery of wood pieces or planks with thick burling. Choose from the collection of a coffee table, dining table and shelving system. 


Dimensions: 67" H / 14" D / 74" H

Pricing: reflects customized piece shown above.



The US based company AKMD was founded in 2011 by designers Michael W. Dreeben, who lives in Chicago, and Ayush Kasliwal, who lives in Jaipur, India. “From a design and production standpoint, the business really tries to take advantage of our relative strengths,” says Dreeben, who first met Kasliwal in Jaipur while studying vernacular woodworking on a Fulbright scholarship. “It’s a matter of strategically marrying our best resources 

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